Thursday, October 23, 2014

Carole, There's Some Guy Here with a News Camera!

Upon arriving home, after some more hugs and cheers for Scarecrow, we let the dogs out to see if they would recognize Ted.

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
Of course, Zelda, our ditzy puppy, wagged her tail and licked him all over.  However, she does this to anyone, including strangers, so it was not helpful in gauging whether or not the dogs would recognize him.  Rubi sniffed and walked away, as she should have, as the "hiker funk" was still in his clothes.  It was not until he whistled to her as he had done for years that she realized it was her master.  I think they missed Teddy just as much as he missed them.

More friends and family gathered to greet our Triple Crown Hero, We ordered some pizzas, expecting to just hang out and hear about Scarecrow's adventures.  What we did not expect was for two guys to ring the doorbell with cameras in hand ready to interview Scarecrow about his latest accomplishment.  Ted called out, "Carole, there is some guy here with a news camera."  I went to the door, and was asked, "Are you Corinne?"  I thought they got my name wrong, but I found out that our dear friends, Matt and Corinne Bernath, who were expected to arrive shortly at the house, contacted channel news 12 days before to alert them of Scarecrow's homecoming.  They were excited to interview a local resident with a positive story.  If you haven't seen the clip that I flooded my facebook page with, you can  CLICK HERE to see it.  We are so proud of you Teddy.

I love this next picture, but I am still trying to decide if Teddy is asking for the play-by-play of life in our home while he was gone, or the kids are telling him about everything they weren't allowed to do while he was gone...

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
Either way, we are so happy to have Teddy back home safely, with this amazing goal accomplished.  He is now  "Mastic Man", thanks to News 12, and our Triple Crown Hiker who had a dream and then went out there and achieved it.

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
photo by Darien Maginn Photography

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
As you heard in the news clip, Scarecrow's adventures are NOT over... he will revisit the CDT in the summer of 2016, only this time on a bike.  He, and our friend Matt Bernath, will "Ride the Divide" so stay tuned.  Since this news clip he has spoken to several groups of children about his adventures, so I will post those events here as well.

Proud of my Triple Crown Hiker Hubby,

The Thruhiker's Wife

Scarecrow's Triple Crown Homecoming!

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
It has been almost a month since Scarecrow arrived home to his family and friends.  It has been a whirlwind to say the least.  Let me rewind and share with you some of the highlights and happenings of Scarecrow since his completion of the CDT on September 23rd... the day he became a Triple Crown Hiker.

To arrive home to us from the finish line, Scarecrow had to travel from Canada back into the United States, via a hitch from a couple named David and Melissa D'Angelo.   I had shared an email they sent on September 24t.  I will repost this from an earlier entry:
An email entitled "Greetings from a Scarecrow Hitch" came through today:

I wanted to let you know my wife and I had the pleasure of picking up Teddy this afternoon just south of the US/Canada border. Please wish him once again our congrats on having just completed the Triple Crown. While he may have been stinky on the exterior, it was quite clear he's awesome on the inside. We had a great opportunity to talk before dropping him off in East Glacier. It was fun to hear about his adventures. We hope that when you and your family get to visit Glacier, that you'll enjoy it as much as my wife and I have.
Wishing you all the best,
David & Melissa D'Angelo
PS: Once I get the photos off the camera, I'll send you a photo from an overlook we took while driving with Teddy to East Glacier.

THANK YOU again to David and Melissa,  and thank you for getting Teddy safely to his destination.

Once back in the United States, in the town of East Glacier, Montana, he would catch a train in the Amtrak Station to Spokane, Washington.  This train would arrive at 3:45 a.m. where our family trail angels, Willie and Mary Ruthkowski, would pick him up and bring him to their house about 45 minutes away.  While enjoying comfort of family, Teddy got to rest, visit with two amazing people and have the best waffles he had ever eaten.  As a matter of fact, a waffle iron is now on our purchase list because of Aunt Mary's recipe.  

Scarecrow visits with the Ruthkowski trail angels
After a few hours of catching up on Scarecrow's adventure, it was time to be driven to the Spokane airport for a flight to Denver, Colorado to begin his journey back across the country to New York.  A huge thank you goes out to Aunt Mary and Uncle Willie for the pick up and drop off from teh Amtrak and airport, along with the meal, company, love and support you continue to show me and my family.

After a safe flight to Denver, Scarecrow stayed in a local motel overnight in anticipation of his early morning flight (6:00 a.m.) to New York, via a layover in Maryland.  I am sure he was just as anxious as his family to get home after all of that traveling.

While Teddy was plane hopping on Southwest Airlines, some of his biggest supporters gathered at the airport to greet him as he arrived.  We were all excited and nervous to see Teddy.  I also was lucky enough to have Darien Maginn there with us to capture the anticipation, happiness, excitement, love and support that was waiting for Teddy as he disembarked the plane.  She, as most of you know, is the amazing photographer who joined us for Teddy's last homecoming from his PCT adventure.  Thank you so much for your fantastic work and for capturing these very important, exciting memories for me and my family.

Cathy, the kids and I made posters to greet Scarecrow - I was happy to have something to hold onto as I awaited the sight of Teddy turning the corner.  As we waited, with each person exiting the plane and walking through the gate, my heart began beating faster and faster.  He was basically the LAST one to come through the gate to greet us, but as soon as we had a glimpse of his tall, thin frame coming around the corner, excitement was everywhere.

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
We were clapping, waving, and I was crying of course.  Pride, relief, happiness, joy and love filled the airport for Scarecrow as he turned the corner and came through the door, walking stick in hand.  He looked so much thinner, and much hairier than when we saw him last!! It's a DONE DEAL - he left on his journey and returned a TRIPLE CROWN HIKER.

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
As anxious as everyone was to see Teddy and congratulate him, the kids and I were able to give a first round of hugs and present him with our own version of the crown he has worked so hard to achieve.

photo by Darien Maginn Photography
photo by Darien Maginn Photography
photo by Darien Maginn Photography
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives, celebrating these amazing moments with us, being there with and for us, and sharing in our joy and happiness as we cheer Scarecrow on towards his goal.
photo by Darien Maginn Photography
Thank you to everyone who came to the airport to greet Scarecrow as he arrived home.  And thank you Darien Maginn, for capturing these moments - you were right on point with his homecoming AGAIN.  I loved putting together this comparison of your amazing work from the last two trails.
photos by Darien Maginn Photography
We were headed home to begin our homecoming celebration.  

Grateful and appreciative for the support,

The Thruhiker's Wife