Monday, April 18, 2016

Introductions, Please!

So,  a new chapter has begun.  What can we expect from this latest journey? Well, let me introduce you to the characters and plot of this next chapter.  What do you get when you combine an adventurous, creative, experienced cyclist with a Triple Crown thruhiker? Yes, you get "Matt and Ted's Excellent Adventure".  Let me give you a little history about our friends, The Bernaths.  We met this amazing family about 7 years ago, when our boys ended up on the same football team.

2014 Seahawks final season
By the first few practices, we knew we would be life long friends with this family.  Matt and Corinne have two boys, Shea who is Dakota's age, and Brendan who is Jagger's age.  From early on, we meshed, the kids clicked, and to use Corinne's term, our "framily" was formed.  We celebrate birthdays and holidays together, we share common interests, music and enjoy the good times shared over the past years.

Corinne and Matt have been so supportive of Scarecrow's adventures as they were happening... they became a very integral piece of Scarecrow's journey as he traveled through Colorado, connecting him with their family as a contact of information and assistance if needed while in the area.

Corinne was the person who contacted channel 12 news and had them cover Scarecrow's arrival home from the CDT, and on a sweeter note, was the creator of the delicious cookies we gave out at Scarecrow's sendoff party.  You can check out her amazing work by clicking HERE.

So, Matt's love of cycling and Teddy's love of hiking has brought them to this adventure called "Ride the Divide."  The best way for you to truly understand what this is about is to check out the documentary - you can CLICK HERE to find out more information.

There is nothing ordinary about this bike ride.  This trail, which is known as The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, or GDMBR, is a long distance, off-road bicycle touring route from Banff, Canada that extends 2,768.4 miles down to Antelope Wells, New Mexico.  It follows the Continental Divide Trail as closely as it can, and actually crosses over it 30 times. The terrain is 90% unpaved roads and trails, but does not require advanced mountain bike riding skills.  The trail will take them through mostly undeveloped areas of the Rocky Mountains.  Most cyclists travel southbound and the average time to complete the route range from six to ten weeks.

You can imagine that a hiker would need a little more than a pair of good boots to have success here.  We have Matt to thank for the awesome score of Scarecrow's new wheels that will take him on this amazing trip.  A solid, dependable bike can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars! I nearly dropped when we began researching bikes for this trip.  Matt came through BIG TIME and hooked Teddy up with a guy who was selling his bike for an upgrade - they went together yesterday on the ferry to Connecticut to get it.  I am so grateful for this find, as we did NOT have to break the bank to obtain his new wheels.  THANK YOU MATT!!

Scarecrow's new wheels :)
As the weeks and days get closer to their departure, we will keep you updated and informed about this crazy, exciting adventure! Corinne and I will be here, preparing, laughing, worrying, drinking, and blogging about what will certainly be an adventure of a lifetime for Matt and Ted.

Dream Team of the Homestead

As always, we appreciate everyone's love, support and interest in this amazing adventure.  This truly would not be possible for these guys without our support and love.  I want to give a huge shoutout to Corinne and her boys, Shea and Brendan - I am so proud of you for your instant "all in" attitude! I think between our families, we will ALL enjoy the journey of Matt and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

I look forward to being by your side while this dream unfolds for our guys!!

Until Next Time,

The Thruhiker's Wife

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Scarecrow is back!

Two years ago today, Scarecrow was at the southern most terminus of the Continental Divide Trail, ready to conquer the last third of his goal of becoming a Triple Crown Hiker.  With the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail successfully completed and behind him, he had only the CDT left.  As most of you know, that exciting journey was a huge success and as a result, this past September, Scarecrow flew out to Mt. Hood, Oregon to receive his Triple Crown award.

This was an exciting event, known as the Gathering, where Teddy got to meet up with some fellow hikers he had met, along with others and share their experiences and receive this prestigious award.  In case you were wondering, after almost 8000 miles under their feet by completing the three trails, they receive a beautiful plaque and poster of some of their most memorable moments and thoughts.  Although the kids and I were not able to accompany Scarecrow to watch him receive this award, we were there in spirit wtih just as much love, pride and support for him and his journey.
 Since his return home, that ended with News 12 arriving at our house CHECK IT OUT HERE to report his homecoming and achievement, he, along with his good friend Matt, have decided to go back on the CDT, but this time to ride it on a bike.  WHAT?! Yes, they will be "Riding the Divide" on bicycles for alittle over a month this summer.  Over the next few weeks leading up to their departure, I will post information about the trail, the trip and how it all got started.  But for today, I felt it was cool to share the first step in this journey these guys are about to embark on...  Matt and Ted took a  trip to Connecticut this morning so Ted could pick up his new bike for the trip!

So, exactly 2 years to the day - a new chapter has begun! Stay tuned for more information on "Matt and Ted's Excellent Adventure" as their story unfolds...

Glad to be back,
The Thruhiker's Wife